Sri Abhayanjaneya Abhishekam ( Every 4th Saturday)

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Abhayanjanaya means to remove all the fears in life. Sri Saibaba Temple Society have very special Moorti of Lord hanuman which is Abhayanjanaya swaroopa. Who prays to lord hanuman would be blessed with good knowledge, strength, fame, courage, Health, tirelessness and mystery and also your kids will get good behavior. That’s why we are performing hanuman abhishekam every month to remove Melefic effects of nine planets. So, we request all the devotees to perform Sri Abhayanjanaya abhishekam which is performed on every 4th Saturday of a month and take blessing from Sri Hanuman for you and your families betterment in life. SHLOKAM Bhudhir balam yashodhairyam nirbhayatvam arogatam Ajaadyam vakppaduthawacha hanumath Samantha bhaveth.

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Sri Abhayanjaneya Abhishekam ( Every 4th Saturday)

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