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We all Hindus regard “Murthis” or “Vigrahas” as living manifestations of Divinity. In our Saibaba Temple we do have four different “Murthis”, along with our own Shirdi Saibaba in the center of the sanctum hall. After the temple was inaugurated and after “ Vigraha Prana Pratishta”, rituals need to be performed regularly according to Agama sastram. They are called “Utasavas”- and are performed nitya (daily) varotsava (weekly), paksha (fortnight), masotsava (monthly) etc Utsavams. As we may be missing some of these utsavas, our priests and Temple committee came up with these Abhishekams to each deity once a month to replenish the power for the “Murthis/Vigrahas”. Our Saibaba Temple has Sri Satyanarayana swamy Abhishekam on every first Saturday of the month, Sri Saibaba Abhishekam on every second Saturday of the month, Sri Rajarajeshwari Abhishekam on every third Saturday of the month, and Sri Hanuman Abhishekam on every fourth Saturday of the month. Typically “Panchamruthalu (five nectars)” – five different items are used for Abhishekam. They are Milk (Water), Yogurt (Earth), Ghee (Fire), Honey (Ether), Sugar (Air). Each of them is linked to one of the five elements of Nature. When we devotees do these panchamrutha abhishekam, we are essentially requesting the God to purify and balance the external physical world and our own subjective perception of it. Abhishekam, is performed pouring each one of the panchamrutha’s on to the Murthi with chanting of vedic mantras creating a vibrational effect which transforms the surrounding environment as well as the devotees who are witnessing and performing it. The positivity and spiritual energy created effortlessly uplifts everyone who attends the abhishekam. Abhishekams performed at home also gives similar effect or benefit, but witnessing or performing at temple when priests are performing to the Pranaprathista Murthies or Vigrahas, the effect is multiplied and enormous. So all devotees are requested to come and participate in Abhishekam every Saturday.

Annual Services

Our journey

In February 1999, few devotees of Saibaba joined together in a devotees house and conducted bhajan on a Thursday. The tradition was continued by performing bhajans on thursdays and weekends at the devotees house. Devotees number grew over a period of time to hundreds, space was leased at New Market Mall, Columbus to provide a central place of worship for all Saibaba devotees. By the will and grace of Sri Saibaba, Sri SaiBaba Temple Society of Ohio was formed and registered as a ‘not for profit’ organization in 2002. Initially all the rituals were performed by the devotees. Few months later Society hired a full time priest to conduct temple services 7 days a week. Later as the devotee numbers grew, a second priest was hired to celebrate all festivities round the year with special focus on Sri Saibaba events along with major festivals.

Foreseeing a phenomenal growth in the devotee numbers, the temple society decided to build a permanent temple for Sri Saibaba, and upalayas for Sri Maha Ganapathi, Sri AbhayaAnjaneya Swamy, Sri Raja Rajeshwari and Sri Hari Hara Hiranyagarbhathmaka Ramasahitha Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy. In 2006, the Society purchased 7.73 acres of land on Lewis center Road in Lewis Center, Ohio. Sankhusthapana (Groundbreaking) for the new temple was performed in May 2010 and since then, the construction was done at a brisk pace. Sri SaiBaba Temple Society Of Ohio built a 16,484 sft temple with a total area of 7.73 acres. The newly built Sri Saibaba Temple Society of Ohio was completed and inaugurated with the Pranapratishta of SaiBaba Idol on April 25, 2012. The Baba’s idol was made of Italian marble and sculpted by the ‘Talim’s Art studio’, the same studio which carved the Saibaba Idol in Shirdi. The four Upalaya’s for Sri Maha Ganapathi, Sri AbhayaAnjaneya Swamy, Sri Raja Rajeshwari and Sri Hari Hara Hiranyagarbhathmaka Ramasahitha Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Swamy vigraha prana prathishta took place in April 2016, under the supervision of vedic scholars, stapathi and shilpi in a grand ceremony for 9 days. Accordingly, since taking the first step in 1999, With BABA’s divine grace and support of all devotees, an additional 5 acre land adjacent to the temple was purchased in 2014 for future use. In 2016 society has under taken a project to expand the parking lot and serve the needs of the growing number of devotees and completed the project in 2017 which provided much needed additional parking spots. To meet the devotional needs of the members of the society and temple, a third priest was hired in 2016.

With support from devotees, Rajatha (silver) Simhasanam was offered to Lord SAIBABA in Feb 2019 during the 20th Bhajan Anniversary celebrations. In addition, Rajatha Kavacham and Makarathoranam was offered to Lord Ganesha on Vinayaka Chavithi day, Rajatha Kavacham for Goddess Raja Rajeshwari during Diwali and Rajatha Kavacham and Nagabharanam was offered to Lord Shiva during Karthika Masam in the year 2019. During this year, one more priest was hired who has experience in making prasadam for devotees, naivedyam for dieties and performing rituals in the sanctum hall, to fulfill the unmet needs of the society members. In Feb 2020, society acquired 2434 Lewis center property of 5acres land with a house, for future developmental activities with the support from members of the congregation. SSBTS of Ohio is grateful for the support and participation of all the devotees in the central Ohio and elsewhere.

Take One Step towards me, I shall take a hundred towards you -Saibaba

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Wanted “Religious Cook cum Priest”: Sri Saibaba Mandir, Columbus, Ohio

Advertisement Posting Date: Nov 21 2023

No of positions: 1

Our Organization: Sri Saibaba Temple Society of Ohio, (SSBTS) is located at 2596 Lewis Center Rd., Lewis Center, OH 43035. We are a religious tax exempt non profit organization, incorporated in the State of Ohio, USA since 1999.
In addition to religious services, we conduct Cultural, Educational and Human Services activities for the community to participate. We have an Industrial size kitchen where we prepare Prasadam which is offered as Annadana to devotees who visit the temple.

Our Requirement:

We are on the lookout for a Religious cook cum priest who will have the following duties and responsibilities.

• Prepare "Naivedyam" food in the kitchen following all religious fundamentals required for the purity of cooking offered to the deities on a daily basis.
• Prepare Maha Prasadam for devotees which includes Laddu, Vada, Kara Sev and other food, per guidelines set by the temple and administered by the Food Trustees and Manager.
• Prepare food as required for "Annadanam" on Thursdays, Saturday’s and Festival/Event days.
• Delegate and oversee employees and volunteers who assist with food preparation and cleaning of the kitchen.
• Ensure that the kitchen, which includes the store and dish washing area, is clean at all times including when you leave for home after work every day.
• Maintain sanitation, health and safety standards in the work areas.
• Perform other temple duties assigned to you by the Food Committee, Trustees and Kitchen Manager.
• You will be advised of your duties, responsibilities and expectations on a daily basis.
• Assist other priests as needed from time to time and provide best possible experience to the devotees visiting the temple.
• During the off cooking ours, should be able to perform Archana’s and Car Pooja’s and given Baba arati’s in absence of the priest in the Sanctum hall.
• Upon devotees request and assignment from Food Committee, Trustees and Kitchen Manager, should be able to prepare food at devotees home or in the temple kitchen.


• Must be a Brahmin priest ailed from a Vedic Family.
• Must be able to prepare Naivedyam for all deities in the temple on daily basis.
• Prepare Maha Prasadam for devotees which includes Laddu, Vada, Kara Sev and other food, per guidelines set by the temple and administered by the Food Committee, Trustees and Kitchen Manager.
• Adaptability, flexibility and commitment to the temple.
• Ability to establish working relationships with all employees, volunteers, management and devotees.
• Ability to maintain and project professionalism internally and externally at all the times.
• Exercise good judgment in decision making
• Work in a safe, prudent and organized manner
• Must comply with safety and security standards.
• Clear communication and positive attitude as well as working well with other employees, volunteers as required.
• Respect for individuals (devotees, employees, volunteers and management)
• Follow and comply with all policies and procedures of the Temple including the employee handbook, Sampradaya and Priest Policies.
• The physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job while performing the duties of this position.

The Employee

• Must be able to work at the temple on a regular basis
• Must be able to work weekends and holidays.
• Must be able to reach, bend, stoop and shove above shoulder level.
• Must be able to use head and heck in a twisting or static motion and to look up and/or down and lift and carry up to 50 pounds.
• Must be able to use hands repetitively, stand for prolonged periods, walk, grasp firmly/strongly and simply/lightly with hands, and use fine finger dexterity.
• Must be able and willing to clean the work area and necessary utensils before and after work to not only meet religious standards but to abide the SSBTS policies of cleanliness.
• Must be able to stand for long periods of time (4 hour at a time).

This job description is not an exclusive or exhaustive list of all job functions that an employee in this position may be asked to perform from time to time. This job description reflects the job content at the time of writing and will be subject to periodic change in light of changing operational requirements. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by management.

What We Offer:

We arrange for an R1 visa which is solely dependent on your meeting the exacting standards of USCIS at that time. We provide salary, housing assistance and medical and dental coverage for self and family as per the policy in existence.

What do we need from you:

Filled applications in Format attached should be sent by email to trustees@srisaimandir.org.
Please send as much details as possible along with a passport size picture. We will hold your application in confidence. If we find your candidature suitable we will interview you either in person or via video conferencing or by phone. The interview dates and times will be informed to you to the email on record.
Note: Sri Saibaba Temple Society reserves the right to make modifications to this advertisement as necessary. – Updated on Jan 17th 2022– 10:00AM EST